Digital Solutions for ENT and Otolaryngologists – Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists

For ENT & Otolaryngologists, it can be difficult to find new patients in a world where everything has become increasingly digitalised, so it is important to get yourself out and visible online.

Most of your prospective clients will judge your organisation based on first impressions and will judge the quality of your services based on your website.

There are a number of ways to achieve successful digital marketing in order to increase the visibility of an ENT or Otolaryngologist specialist website – here’s how.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, involves tailoring the content on a site so that search engines can easily understand it and show it to the right people. By having certain keywords that you want to rank highly for and keeping these in mind when creating copy, your optimised content is more likely to rank higher on search engines and therefore be clicked by more people.

The aims of your website should be to provide enough information for people who are looking to read up on their symptoms but should not overwhelm them with too much. SEO can help to find out which keywords and phrases people are searching for within the ENT & Otolaryngologist field more than others, so you know where to focus your content on.

SEO is also impacted by site functionality. Ensuring your page speed is good and elements of the site load promptly without causing unexpected shifts in the page will also signal to search engines that your site provides a good user experience, and this will also boost your rankings.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

SEO is great for attracting organic traffic to your site. With PPC or paid search, you can go a step further and target truly specific types of people.

By using PPC, you can create a bid to show your ad for certain keywords. You may think just targeting words like “Otolaryngologist” may work, but you can find and target keywords more likely to convert. Someone searching the word “Otolaryngologist” may just be interested to know what it means, but a phrase like “Otolaryngologists near me” shows intent so bidding for more specific phrases can boost your click-through rate.

Social Media

Social media is a great way of staying relevant to people who already know of you and may have seen you before. It’s a great way to share engaging posts or updates of what’s happening with your practice and also getting your branding and logo design out to the public.

Social media is also a very easy way for potential patients to get in touch with any questions. It provides a strong communication platform to bridge the gap between patient and doctor which is crucial in a world where more people head over to the internet to talk to their doctors or look up their symptoms. For example, some people may find a hearing loss or neck injury post on Facebook hugely informative and simple to understand, which is important when using social media within your marketing strategies.

How Can HLTH Digital Help You?

Digital marketing can be daunting, but it also provides so much potential. At HLTH Digital, we are made up of a team of SEO-PPC experts, specialist content creators and vastly experienced website developers who are ready to take your ENT & Otolaryngologist website to a whole new level.

Whether you need to add a symptom checker for hearing loss or other ear, nose and throat-related issues onto your site, or a ‘virtual’ doctor functionality, we’ve got you covered.

To discuss digital marketing in healthcare, get in touch with the HLTH Digital team today.

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