Meet the Team

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The Team

Greg Bamber
Chief Executive

Greg joined the organisation as Chief Executive after a long and successful period as founder and CEO of CQC Compliance Limited, which was acquired by WorkNest/Marlowe PLC in the summer of 2021. Following a successful handover period, Greg has taken up the position as CEO of the HLTH Group, while maintaining a close working relationship with CQC Compliance. With more than 15 years’ experience operating in the healthcare sector, Greg has a fundamental understanding of how to support healthcare providers in the UK, he is dedicated to ensuring that the HLTH Group provides both an expert-led and a tech-enabled approach to the delivery of business-critical healthcare compliance solutions.

Dr Atif Ghaffar
Medical Director

Dr Atif Ghaffar is the Medical Director of the HLTH Group and supports our clients with his decades of experience in the healthcare sector. He has experience working within the NHS and as a private GP, covering all aspects of primary and acute care. As a GP Principal for 16 years and an experienced CQC Lead – Dr Ghaffar provides invaluable support and guidance particularly to our clients looking to start bespoke GP services. As the former Medical Director at CQC Compliance Limited, Dr Ghaffar understands the fundamental importance of healthcare compliance and the need for primary and acute organisations to be forward-thinking in ensuring they are CQC-ready.

Will Rosebury
Commnications Director

As Communications Director of the HLTH Group, Will leads the organisation in relation to brand communications and strategy, sales and marketing, and oversees the operational performance of the HLTH Group. A former director at CQC Compliance Limited, Will joined the HLTH Group with the simple idea to provide forward-thinking compliance solutions directly to healthcare providers across the UK. With the UK healthcare in a state of significant flux and evolution, Will is dedicated to ensuring that the HLTH Group helps healthcare providers navigate these changes in the years ahead.

Leah Birkbeck
Finance Director

Here at HLTH Manage, Leah manages the contractual agreements between us and our clients, ensuring all contracts and payments occur in the timely and correct manner. Leah is a highly experienced bookkeeper and uses effective, concise methods of financial documentation.

As our Finance Director, she ensures all client information remains strictly confidential, remaining up-to-date with GDPR and all official finance regulations. Leah is always on hand to speak with our clients regarding any financial queries, and is happy to offer support and advice where needed. She is passionate about ensuring all financial matters are managed in an effective, professional manner here at HLTH Manage – understanding the importance of this in delivering an overall exceptional service.

James Hume
Marketing and Operations Executive

As our marketing and operations executive, James oversees our internal and external communications with clients. Having run his own successful marketing business, James has a deep understanding of business analysis and communications. He is passionate about creating engaging, informative content to suit our clients’ needs. Every client is unique and James strives to ensure that their individuality and brand image comes across in all content.

Ian Ayliffe
Software Lead

Ian has over 15 years’ experience specialising in digital software technology, having developed platforms for a large number of clients and taken on responsibility for their technology integration projects. He has supported over 400 websites in becoming established online, and recognises the importance of optimising systems to deliver the best value and quality. Here at HLTH Manage, Ian works with our developers to specify, design, and select information systems that ensure our platform functions optimally for every provider using it.

He applies a data-driven method focused on functionality, data, security, integration, infrastructure, and performance- all of which combine to ensure the HLTH Manage software remains an exceptional CQC Compliance system. Ian is passionate about ensuring the platform meets the evolving needs of our clients, as well as the ever-changing demands of the CQC. His insight into digital software, alongside his passion for maintaining an exceptional compliance system for healthcare care providers, mean he adds huge value to the team at HLTH Manage.