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The Team

Matt Vass
Operations Director

Matt has over 15 years of corporate experience in operations management and has worked with a diverse portfolio of healthcare clients in the UK…

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At HLTH Digital, Matt is our Operations Director, who oversees the internal and external operations of our organisation. He ensures that every one of our clients receives an exceptional level of service, from their initial enquiry to their long-term ongoing support. 

As well as managing the operations of the organisation, Matt also manages the smooth operations of the team, including Digital, Concept and Production. He has previous experience in developing and building a companies’ online presence, including using branded online job adverts, social media posts, creating a website and optimising SEO. By using his knowledge in the field, Matt ensures a very efficient design process that generates high-quality outputs for our clients.

Matt is passionate about ensuring our services are suited to the needs of our clients and that they feel supported, satisfied and successful along their marketing journey.

Tamrryn Booth
Business Director

Tamrryn is the Business Director at HLTH Digital, overseeing the administrative and financial processes within the business…

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Primarily, Tamrryn’s role involves managing the contractual agreements between HLTH Digital and our clients, as well as overseeing the financial controls.

Boasting over 16 years’ experience in the financial world, Tamrryn is an experienced bookkeeper. Using her knowledge and skills, she is the point of contact for financial queries and records any financial transactions related to the business.

As Business Director, Tamrryn also establishes a strong relationship with our clients right from their initial enquiry. She works with them in a number of different ways, supporting with their financial queries, business challenges and any further support they may require from the HLTH Digital team

Rob Terrins
Communications Manager

As our Communications Manager, Rob oversees our internal and external communications with clients. Having worked for several years previously as a Commercial Analyst, Rob has an in-depth understanding of business analysis and communications…

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At HLTH Digital, Rob supports the day-to-day process of the organisation, from both an operational and marketing perspective. He is the central information hub for our organisation and is an integral part of the client’s journey. Rob guides our clients through the onboarding process right from their initial enquiry. He answers any questions they may have and provides consistent support including recommending the types of services they may benefit from.

Alongside this, Rob supports our organisation with additional programming and technical support. This includes the day-to-day management of our website and systems.

Meg Cullen
Content Lead

Meg is passionate about creating engaging, informative content to suit our clients’ needs. Every client is unique, and Meg strives to ensure that their individuality and brand image comes across in all content…

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Meg works closely with clients to tailor our service to their business aims, combining this with market research into their sector to ensure all content is fresh, innovative, and targeted.

Meg has expertise in writing and content creation, using this to develop bespoke cross-platform strategies to boost online presence. These strategies include writing blogs, leading on PR support, producing expertly written content, and managing social media profiles for HLTH digital clients.

All this is key in communicating our clients’ industry expertise to their existing and potential customers, and Meg takes pride in making this happen.

Ian Ayliffe
SEO-PPC Manager

Ian has worked in the digital and technology industry for over 10 years and has extensive experience growing businesses and working with different SEO and PPC campaigns. He has overseen the creation of SEO product for start-up companies and understands the importance of optimising systems to deliver the best value…

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Ian is integral to the team at HLTH Digital as his knowledge and skills in the industry are unparalleled.

As the SEO-PPC Manager, Ian oversees our digital strategy and Google Ads campaigns. His techniques include using tactical insight and technology solutions delivered as an interdisciplinary strategic approach. He also works closely with our clients to optimise their SEO-PPC campaigns and boost their search ranking positions in order to generate leads and drive new traffic to their website. He helps to grow their businesses, increase profits and ensures that they are mitigating any online risk that they may be exposed to. 

Sam Martin
Website Development Lead

Sam is an experienced web developer and marketing strategist with commendable knowledge and skills in developing effective, user-friendly and bespoke websites. He has over a decade of experience in the industry, establishing a working knowledge of how to create a successful business online through brand awareness, increasing sales and establishing lasting relationships with potential customers…

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At HLTH Digital, Sam works with our clients to create a well-designed, user-friendly website that showcases their services in the most creative, unique and informative ways. This is in the view to encouraging new clients to visit their website and ultimately, increase their online presence, exposure and growth online. He also helps to build our client’s social media pages, championing the idea that they help to build their brand and relationships with their audiences.

Sam’s expertise includes creating video content for our clients, making sure their branding and design is consistent throughout to ensure its prominence in every piece of marketing material. 

Matt Jones
Website Developer & Graphic Designer

Matt is an experienced web developer and graphic designer, that has worked for a number of years in the sector…

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At HLTH Digital, Matt works closely with our clients to establish their brand development and design needs. He liaises with them to build their brand and establish one that is capable of captivating an audience which will work across all media platforms, builds their identity and gives a consumer insight into their business. He also works on the creation and maintenance of our clients’ websites, with a focus on functionality and performance.

Matt has extensive knowledge of developing websites from scratch and how to effectively optimise existing content. His work is designed to catch the eye and inform the reader, directing visitors to the website’s most important content.

Whether it’s enhancing the performance of websites or designing physical content such as signage and leaflets – Matt is across it all.