We want to work with you to develop a strategy that will ensure that the people who need your services can find them with ease.

Stand out from the crowd

Our tried and tested campaigns will make you stand out from the crowd. Developing a successful SEO-PPC strategy begins with a real understanding of your brand and the services you offer.

At HLTH Digital, we want to get to know you and the intricacies of your organisation. This level of detail is all-important in boosting your online performance and ensuring that you rocket to the top of the relevant searches on Google.

No matter which technique you decide to use, our team will use our well-established SEO-PPC knowledge to create the most cost effective and targeted campaigns that achieve real results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is an extremely useful tool to use to ensure your organisation rockets to the top of Google rankings. SEO is integral to gaining your place within the market and that’s why we offer SEO support as part of all of our packages.

We will conduct extensive research into your provider, its competition and target market. Our team will then collate the data and use it to find the most effective keywords and phrases to use in your targeted campaigns.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is essential in increasing your organic search performance and ensuring that you maintain a high ranking on Google once you have achieved it.

The team at HLTH Digital will carry out regular tests to identify any issues that are impacting your Google ranking. We will then work out how to improve your ranking and conduct any changes that may need to be made.

Expert Healthcare Copywriters

We want your organisation to be seen as confident, articulate and industry-leaders. This is only achieved with the foundation that successful copywriting can build. In these jargon-heavy sectors, it’s important to cut through with a writing style that is impactful and has search engines in mind.

Our team fully invest in the brand that our clients are looking to create, which means that we are able to curate a style and a voice unique to your organisation.

Our approach to SEO-PPC is completely guided by your requirements, which is why we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our communication and our desire to understand your organisation from the ground-up.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is the type of advertising where you pay a fee each time someone clicks on one of your ads. This can be used alongside your SEO strategy to raise your ranking on Google and gain fast brand awareness. PPC campaigns can be a costly endeavour but are flexible and effective.

The team at HLTH Digital will work with you to put your brand ahead of your competitors. We will work in liaison to determine a comprehensive plan and a monthly budget for your PPC campaigns. Once this has been established, you will see a noticeable rise in clients, phone calls and the number of visitors to your site.

Audience Targeting

PPC does not have to be all about keywords. Using audience data is valuable in ensuring your ads only appear to the relevant audience and target market for your provider.

We conduct research using audience targeting to ensure clients that visit will be more likely to enquire with your service.

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are generated using the content from your website to target your ads and help you to fill in the gaps of your campaigns.

Without Dynamic Search Ads, many keywords can miss relevant searches or experience delays. However, using DSA can quickly direct potential customers to what they want on your site. This can increase the quality score of your ad, leading to an improve rank position and lower the cost per click.

Effective Ad Copy

Increasing traffic to your website is undoubtedly important, but it is equally vital to ensure that your content engages visitors and ultimately leads to them getting in touch with your organisation. We will conduct ongoing research to measure the success of your ad copy and how it can be improved.

Converting Traffic

Although attracting visitors is obviously key, we will never pat ourselves on the back for simply increasing traffic. Getting people to visit your website is redundant if they are not your target audience or if they do not engage with your services. That’s why the most important figure for us is always the amount of ‘conversions’ driven by your SEO-PPC strategy.

Our Process

Step 1

We will work together to establish your brand and the tone of voice you want reflecting in your content and ad campaigns.

Step 2

Our expert team will conduct thorough research to establish which keywords and phrases will help to catapult you to the high end of search engine results.

Step 3

We’ll then create a well-structured account to ensure your campaigns are the most effective they can be, whether you choose to undertake SEO, PPC or both ad campaigns.

Step 4

Once they’ve been created, we will continually analyse the data and results to ensure they are performing at their best and to maximise your results.