Website Development

We create custom-made and engaging websites that really amplify the values of your organisation.

Showcase the very best of your business

First impressions of your business are incredibly important and your website is the first thing many people will see. Whether good or bad, people will make an instinctive decision on whether you appear credible and competent.

We will get to know you and your organisation inside out, so that we can put together a bespoke website that is tailored to the exact needs of your target market.

Content Management Systems

We upload our content and designs onto user-friendly CMS platforms to allow you to manage your content in house when you wish.

Brand Awareness

Your branding will be consistent throughout your website, ensuring that your business is reflected and consistent across your website. 


Bespoke Design

Our expert web designers work alongside you throughout the entire process to create a unique website for your business. 

Mobile Optimised

We ensure that all of the websites we create are compatible to work on mobile, tablets and desktops. 

SEO Optimised

We use keywords and phrases that best reflect your provider to ensure you are continually ranking high in search engine results.

GDPR Compliant

Every website we create is fully compliant with GDPR guidelines and standards, so you’re safe in the knowledge that your data is kept secure. 

Our Web Design Process

We follow a tried and tested process to create a bespoke and creative website for your provider. This ensures that the process is as collaborative as possible.


We liaise with you and get to know your provider to ensure we are fully aware of your visions and intentions.


We will create a set of wireframe designs so that you can understand and develop your website’s blueprint.


The design process of creating your website will be fully collaborative, ensuring you are happy with every decision, from how your website looks to how user friendly it is.


Our website designers will bring your vision to life by transforming our designs into your website.
We will ensure your SEO is fully optimised and everything is up to date with exhaustive quality checks. We will also undertake an interoperability testing process to ensure optimal performance.


Once we have decided on the final look, we will work together to launch the website.

Bespoke Design

HLTH Digital is made up of a team of expert website designers, graphic designers and content creators that are fully equipped to make sure your website stands out from the crowd.

We build them from scratch and collaborate with you throughout the entire process to make sure it is developed specifically with you in mind.

Once your logos and branding have been established, we will include them throughout your website. This will remind your clients that you are a credible and trustworthy organisation with a consistent and memorable brand.

SEO Optimised

All of our websites are developed with SEO in mind, to ensure your website is continually ranking high in search engine results.

We will thoroughly research the market in your sector to ensure that we know what keywords and phrases to include in the content of your website. Once we have established this, we will use these throughout the content we create for you, which include the pages on your website, blogs and any social media campaigns.

Mobile Optimised

Every website we develop is created with the view to optimise them on mobiles, desktops and tablets.

A mobile optimised website means that more customers can be reached at a quicker rate, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Websites that are not properly optimised for mobile can often take a long time to load, resulting in disgruntled and unsatisfied customers.

Our in-house experts are vastly experienced in ensuring an optimal user experience. We will take great care in ensuring every aspect of your website is easy to use, quick to load and is fully optimised to drive large amounts of traffic to your website.