Social Media

Social media can be an overwhelming and noisy place – we can make sure your voice is heard.

We make sure your brand cuts through, develops an audience & connects with potential clients.

Social media is vital in building your business, but it can be an overwhelming and noisy place. At HLTH Digital, our team of experts will work with you to establish effective marketing techniques and campaigns to make sure your voice is heard.

No matter what your strategy is, social media is essential in successfully targeting your advertising, strengthening your branding and growing your following. That’s why, at HLTH Digital, we offer social media advertising and management as standard when you sign up to one of our packages. Depending on the package you choose, you can benefit from one, four or eight social media posts a month.

What’s Included?


Facebook is an effective platform to spread the word of your business, using ads, groups and connecting with potential clients.


LinkedIn can offer your organisation exposure to a different audience, linking with other business professionals.


Instagram uses photos, reels and IGTVs to visually appeal to different audiences, offering a unique perspective on the way you market your business.


Twitter is a helpful tool to reach potential clients and organisations using simple, short and effective marketing techniques.

Social Media Set-up & Management

Social media can be a minefield to navigate and getting your voice heard from amongst the crowds of people can seem nigh on impossible. However, our team are made up of experts in social media management and advertisement, who know all the tips and tricks of how to get your organisation recognised to the right people. Again, different platforms lend themselves to different audiences and content types.

Our team will spend time thoroughly planning the right campaigns that suit your business, establishing the platforms you should be using, creating videos, graphics and text updates to upload on a regular basis onto your accounts.

Brand Awareness

By posting engaging content and conversing with potential clients, you will establish your brand within the market and boost traffic to your organisation.

Lead Generation

Lead generation helps you to implement strategic marketing tactics to capture relevant leads, so it is easier to identify who is interested in your business. This will help you to drive your website conversions and traffic to your site.


Social media is a valuable tool to help you recruit new staff members to join your team. We can help you to use specialised ads to target people with the precise skillset you need for your business.

Social Media Advertsing

Social media is not just about posting photos of your pets and interacting with your friends, it is also a fantastic tool to grow your business and develop new leads.

Advertising on social media can help you reach out to swathes of people that could turn into potential clients. Each platform lends itself to a different section of society, who are expecting to see content relevant to the certain platform.

Organic Social Media

Organic social media refers to free content, such as blogs, posts, stories and videos, that all users can share on their platforms. As a business, you can reach out to your followers, people following the hashtags you’ve used and anyone else who has seen your post if it has been shared. This is the foundational model for any business as it is essential in establishing your place within the marketplace and in building a strong relationship with your audience.

If you’re looking to establish an organic social media, we’ll offer a full comprehensive service that involves managing your social media content. We’ll set them up, build your brand recognition and post regularly on all sites. This will improve your visibility on the major social media sites and maintain your brand consistency across all campaigns.

Paid Social Media

Paid social media is important if you want your content to be reached to the masses. It is a form of digital advertising, where you pay money to social media platforms in order to have your content shared with audiences who may be interested. Brands use paid social media to raise their brand awareness and attract new followers, generate leads and drive conversions.

If you want to reach out to as many people as possible through paid social media campaigns, we’ll sort it out for you. We’ll collaborate on a payment plan and establish the content you wish to be broadcast on the major social media platforms.