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We understand how important first impressions can be.

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We help healthcare brands come to life through careful brand development, data-driven marketing and tailored digital strategy. We maximise your results: If we design your medical website, we optimise it, promote it and show your team how to use it to support your different business objectives.

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Our Services

Website Development

We create custom-made and engaging websites that really amplify the values of your organisation.

Branding & Design

Healthcare marketing isn’t just about eye -catching design & content, it all has to be underpinned by a consistent message, a voice and a personality.

Social Media

We make sure your brand cuts through, develops an audience and connects with potential clients.

Content & Blog Writing

We want your organisation to be seen as confident, articulate and industry-leaders. This is achieved with the foundation that successful copywriting can build.


We want to work with you to develop a strategy that will ensure that the people who need your services can find them with ease.

Client Testimonials

Camford Medicals


HLTH Digital’s work has truly transformed my company. I came to them with a new business and no experience in branding/ content, and they helped me to create a strong brand and online presence. The team really made sure they understood my business, then designed a logo, website and social media accounts with our personality and professionalism really shining through them all. It’s so important today for a business to have an online presence, and HLTH Digital have taken this worry out of my hands so I can focus 100% on my work. The team have provided a professional, friendly service from the start and I’ve developed great relationships with them all. I am now on HLTH Digital’s Pro Package, and they create professional, relevant content for my business every month. This means my online presence is maintained for my clients current and perspective to see, which is so key to showing them our ongoing professionalism and work. Thanks to HLTH Digital for everything so far, and I can’t wait to keep working with you moving forward!

Minster Home Care


HLTH Digital have been extremely helpful from the very first time we approached them to help with our marketing. We started Minster Home Care back in 2020 and we wanted to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. The HLTH Digital team built our website from scratch, which was so important for us whilst we were busy setting the groundwork of our new business. They created the site’s content pages, optimised it for mobile and SEO and ensured that it reflected our branding and tone of voice throughout. As well as this, we opted for their ‘Pro Package’ as we wanted to establish our brand well and garner as many leads as we could. We receive two pages of content writing a month and four blog posts which help to establish our brand within the domiciliary care sector. The SEO experts at HLTH Digital conducted some thorough market research into my specific sector and used the results to find the right keywords and phrases to use in any content they produced for me. We noticed a drive in traffic to our website straight away with a huge uptake in enquiries from across the York area, which was crucial to our new business. We are in regular contact with the team at HLTH Digital, conducting weekly meetings to ensure our marketing strategy is exactly where it needs to be. Thanks to everyone in the team, we can now proudly say we have a well-established brand for Minster Home Care and we are very excited to build on our relationship with HLTH Digital in the years to come.



Since contacting HLTH Digital to help KASE Care with digital marketing support, we have been extremely pleased with the wide-ranging support and guidance we have received from the team. After disappointing experiences with different agencies, we’ve been really impressed by the phenomenal team at HLTH Digital and have developed an extremely productive and open working relationship. Their advice and guidance have been invaluable in our set-up process and we’ve been impressed by their marketing support. We engaged with their ‘Lite Package’ which was just the right amount of support for our small business. We benefitted from one blog post and one content page a month as well as help with our social media and any technical maintenance we needed. This ensured that we had consistent marketing support coming from our organisation so that we were able to engage with any potential clients and maintain our presence online. We look forward to working with HLTH Digital on a long-term basis, as their contribution and support has been invaluable, and we know they will help us to develop our brand even further.