Professional Healthcare Website Solutions for General Surgery

This is an image of a professional healthcare website

As a general surgery, your website plays a vital role in how you communicate with your patients and present yourself as a professional healthcare service. Many patients expect informational and technologically advanced websites from their general surgeries that reflect the quality of services that they provide.

Now, many expect to be able to look up symptoms they’re experiencing and search for nearby general surgeries online. Here, they also want to check your reviews and professional healthcare credentials.

We have put together a blog outlining how general surgeries can optimise their professional healthcare websites.

1. Mobile accessible

The majority of patients now use their phones instead of PCs and laptops for most work and research, including their use of professional healthcare websites. Ensure that your general surgery website is accessible for mobile users.

2. Patient resources and common symptom library

Include a specialised page on your website for patients to browse common symptoms so they can see a suggested course of action (from rest and recuperation to emergency care). Combine a glossary and patient leaflets with medical information about symptoms and advice.

3. Integrate branding colours and logo

To make your website feel more like an extension of your general surgery, design it to automatically incorporate your brand’s colours, fonts and logos. This will promote trust from your patients in your website because it establishes itself as an integral part of your general surgery.

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