Things To Consider When Creating Healthcare Websites for Anaesthesia Specialists

At HLTH Digital, we understand the importance of having a quality website that successfully markets your anaesthesia skills. From the correct brand message to valuable and accessible content and SEO tags, there’s a wide range of components involved in creating a successful healthcare website.

Our specialist team are experts in this field and have the know-how necessary to create the ideal website to market your business. To convince you of this, we have created this guide, sharing our tips on how to make an effective healthcare website for anaesthesia specialists.

Choose the Right Images for Your Website

It’s important when creating a healthcare website to use appropriate images, showing potential clients who you are as a professional. Not only does this help to put a friendly face to the name, but it may also ease any concerns or nerves clients have about visiting your practice.

A warm and smiling face will ease fears, and a professional setting will inspire trust around your anaesthesia skills. Stock images can work well but taking your own photos are even better. A good photographer can take headshots as well as photos of your practice to upload to your website.

Think Carefully About the Colour Scheme

When creating your healthcare website, it bodes well if you adopt a sensible and consistent colour scheme throughout. If a colour scheme is too bright and disjointed, it won’t promote a sense of professionalism. If your colours are different on every single page, it can also give the impression that you’re unsure of yourself, and this isn’t ideal for a healthcare website.

We suggest selecting and sticking to warm or neutral colours like cream as they can have a positive, calming effect on your clients. Additionally, light or dark blue with white is notably reminiscent of healthcare services in general and will subconsciously make your clients aware that they are visiting the website of a trustworthy and established healthcare service.

Enquiring about healthcare services can be a daunting experience for patients, so anything you can do to ease their nerves and secure their trust should be considered.

Example of what your colour palette may look like. Example taken from CQC Compliance case study.

Make Sure Your Content Is Valuable and Easy to Navigate

A website that posts accurate and easy to understand content will convert and retain more customers. This is no less true for a healthcare website.

Interesting and informative blog posts highlight your knowledge and professionalism, inspiring trust in potential clients.

At HLTH Digital, we can help you to create informative content using the right keywords and phrases that will boost your SEO campaigns and get your website ranking high in search engine results. We will work with you in a collaborative manner to establish what content you want to see on your website, social media posts and blogs. We will then create a schedule to post these based on how often you would like and based on the service package you choose.

For more information about creating a healthcare website for your anaesthesia business, contact the HLTH Digital team today.

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