PPC Healthcare Marketing: What it is and How to Succeed

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Many healthcare businesses hesitate about investing in a PPC marketing campaign. This kind of digital marketing is technically difficult and can be challenging to get right first time around.

However, PPC ads are still essential for healthcare branding. Healthcare service providers who don’t use pay-per-click advertising may struggle to gain traction to their website and therefore clients to their business.

If you’re struggling with this type of online marketing, this post is here to help. We share a handful of the PPC strategies our team of healthcare marketing experts use to support our clients. See below…

Track your conversions

Tracking conversions means tracking how often users typing in specific keywords buy from you. This is important in PPC campaigns because it shows you your ROI (Return On Investment). That is, the percentage of the money you spend on ads that you’re getting back in the form of higher sales. If the number is lower than, say 150 per cent, it shows that you need to change something.

Monitor your search query reports

Google provides a tool on AdWords called Search Query Reports. This helpful service gives you all the keywords on your ad, allowing you to identify phrases associated with driving traffic toward your ad campaign. As your campaign progresses, the tool will show you which keywords are most likely to result in sales, and which “negative” keywords you should avoid. You can then tweak your ad text accordingly.

Create ad-specific landing pages

You can get PPC ads to forward users to your homepage, but that’s rarely the most effective method. A better option is to send them to a landing page that funnels them towards the services that will benefit them most.

For instance, if your offers abdominoplasties, you’ll want to send prospective patients to a specific tummy tuck page. Forwarding to your website’s home page won’t fully leverage the opportunity.

Pick relevant keywords

Lastly, before you create any ads, it helps to know what prospective patients want when they type in specific keywords. In some cases, they may have “commercial intent” (i.e. they want to buy from you), while in others, they are just looking for information. Effectively distinguishing between the two will help your campaigns tremendously.

Do you want to grow your business and launch a PPC campaign, but don’t have the time or expertise to do so? Our expert team of healthcare PPC advertising specialists are here to help. We are industry leaders in healthcare marketing, and understand the very best ways to optimise a PPC campaign to gain high returns on your investment. Talk to us today to learn how we can support your service!

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