Interview with our Operations Director on the Importance of Healthcare Marketing

As a healthcare marketing agency, we’re passionate about marketing and seeing the difference it can make to organisations – but how important is it really?

We’ve sat down with HLTH Digital’s Operations Director, Matt Vass, to delve into the world of healthcare marketing and find out how vital it is really is for your organisation.

Hi Matt, first of all, tell me a bit about yourself and your role within HLTH Digital.


My name is Matt Vass and I am the Operations Director at HLTH Digital. My job is to oversee the internal and external operations of our organisation, ensuring that every one of our clients receives an exceptional level of service, from their initial enquiry to their long-term ongoing support.

From your experience, why do healthcare providers need high quality digital marketing for their businesses?


There are so many reasons why, but in the simplest of terms everyone nowadays goes to the web, social media and Google search when choosing a GP surgery or healthcare provider. It might be to look up recent customer reviews, services and pricing or just check how far they are away on a map. By creating an impressive online presence for your business, you are also creating ease of access to information, improving your customer retention chances and providing an easy way for potential new customers to find you online.


What do you think is the most important aspect of digital healthcare marketing?


I think the most important aspect is targeting the clients that are the most relevant for your specialism with the right message.

You can have the highest ranking on Google, have an extravagant marketing budget and be prevalent on every social media platform, but if your message is wrong all you’ll get is a lot of clicks but no conversations. People need to feel they can trust you, that you will provide the best care possible for them and that they are making the right choice in contacting you. The old adage still stands – you only get one first impression.

So Matt, let me give you a scenario. If there’s a small business that has just started up and has a tight budget, where do you think they should focus their attention marketing-wise?


Digital Marketing Campaigns – every single time. With digital marketing campaigns any business can reach their target audience cheaper and easier than traditional marketing methods. Multi-channel campaigns can target audiences with personalised content, Remarketing campaigns can help to turn previous enquiries into new customers boosting your conversion rates, and Geo-fencing campaigns are an ideal and cost-effective way to target local customers.

What else can you tell me about HLTH Digital?


What isn’t there to tell you! HLTH Digital is such an exciting organisation and I’m really proud of the team we’ve built. From the initial contact call to our retained client monthly meetings, we aim to provide you with the best advice, the best service and the occasional off the wall idea! We have a fantastic team of digital marketing, web and graphic design, and content creatives available to work with you in creating your optimal online identity. Big or small projects, easy or complex we are here to talk, so give us a call.

To find out more about how HLTH Digital can support your organisation and to learn about the sort of healthcare marketing that may benefit you, contact the team today.

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