The CQC releases summer update for ‘transformation plan and new approach’

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has provided a summer update on their transformation plan and new regulatory approach. The plan includes introducing a new provider portal and assessment framework to streamline interactions with healthcare providers. In August, a group of providers will be invited to explore the new portal’s functionality as part of a new range of digital services. The portal will be rolled out to all providers in phases from September. In November, the CQC plans to start using the new assessment framework, beginning with providers in the South of England. CQC Chief Executive, Ian Trenholm, stated that these changes are major milestones in delivering their strategy and will lead to more streamlined interactions and a more flexible and proportionate assessment approach: “These are two major milestones in delivering our strategy. Making our interactions with providers more streamlined and simpler is central in supporting them to deliver better care. Our new assessment approach will be more flexible and proportionate, and will be the driving force behind giving an up-to-date view of quality.”

As the UK’s leading provider of Healthcare HR, CQC Compliance, and Health & Safety solutions, HLTH Group is pleased to hear about the Care Quality Commission’s transformation plan and new regulatory approach. We believe that these changes will play a crucial role in improving healthcare standards and enhancing the relationship between providers and regulatory bodies.

Tony Carlin, HLTH Group’s Head of Compliance and Training, has responded to the update “The introduction of the new provider portal is a positive step towards streamlining interactions between providers and the CQC. We appreciate the efforts to make digital services more accessible and user-friendly, as this will undoubtedly facilitate smoother communication and data sharing. It will also support better evidence collation hopefully make the inspection process more dynamic. We also welcome the implementation of the new assessment framework, which promises to be more flexible and proportionate, providing an up-to-date view of quality, as well as helping bringing the focus back on patient / service user experience and outcome. As the roll-out begins regionally, we are committed to assisting our clients in the South of England and beyond, ensuring they are well-prepared for the new assessment approach. We are excited to discuss the upcoming changes at the New CQC Framework Conference 2023. This conference presents a valuable opportunity for all stakeholders to come together, understand the new approach, and collectively work towards delivering better care.”

As a dedicated partner to healthcare providers, we remain committed to supporting our clients throughout this transformative process. Our team of experts is ready to provide guidance and assistance, enabling healthcare providers to meet the new regulatory requirements effectively. At HLTH Group, we share the CQC’s vision of delivering better care and maintaining high healthcare standards. Together, we look forward to contributing to the success of this new approach and ultimately improving healthcare outcomes for patients across the UK.

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