One Of Our Clients, KASE Care, Have Won Their First Award

KASE Care, a family-owned home care business based in Loughton, Essex, have won ‘Best Emerging Home Care Agency’ at this year’s Southern Enterprise Awards.

The home care company only registered with the CQC last year, with the help of one of our clients, CQC Compliance.

The Southern Enterprise Awards are aimed at recognising and rewarding the “often un-noticed efforts” of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) from the region.

A spokesperson for KASE Care said: “Wow, we have worked so hard for this recognition and it has all been totally worth it.

“We will not stop there though, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible care to absolutely anyone who needs it”.

Who Are KASE Care and How Did HLTH Digital Help Them?

KASE Care are a community-driven care organisation that offers various home care services including live-in care, respite care and hourly visiting care.

The team at HLTH Digital, liaised with Sandeep Gakhal, the company’s director and built a strong relationship with him to ensure everything we created was in line with his vision.

Our team helped him with his marketing support for KASE Care, which included creating content, helping to build a digital marketing strategy and establishing a strong online presence.

On CQC Compliance’s support, Sandeep said: “They’ve helped us with marketing and our website and even if it’s just some advice, they’re more than happy to help.”

How Does the Awards Process Work?

The Southern Enterprise Awards are held by SME News, a quarterly digital publication aimed at those who own, run or assist in the running of small and medium-sized businesses within the UK.

They accept nominees across every business sector and “seek out the very best small and medium enterprises along with the enthusiastic and determined people who lead and enable them”.

In order to determine a winner from each category, the judges carefully analyse the information that is available to them, from both online platforms and from materials supplied by the nominees themselves.

The judges are comprised of 5 individuals who are entirely impartial and conduct all research individually.

At the helm of the panel, is a veteran academic leader with international academic and training experience and is well-versed in research, fact-checking and mediation.

Nominees are also invited to prepare a short case file where they can disclose details of their sector, practice and any other accolades they may have won in the past.

The awards process works in a way to ensure parties are rewarded based on their “reputation, commitment, innovation, determination and contribution to society”.

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