Websites and Digital Solutions for Haematologists

Your website design plays a huge role in the way you communicate in the modern medical world as many of today’s patients are very tech-savvy and informed.

Not only can they look up symptoms and search for healthcare practices online, but they can also check a haematologist’s reviews and consultant credentials. This means that digital marketing has become an indispensable component of managing a successful healthcare company.

So, read on to learn how haematologists can use websites and digital solutions to promote their businesses.

1. Mobile Friendly

Accessing the internet on a mobile phone or tablet has become increasingly more common in recent years, as many people opt for mobile devices over traditional desktops. So, it is imperative that your website is optimised for mobile use. If your website is easy to navigate – even on a mobile phone – you’ll get more visitors and as a result, more appointments.

At HLTH Digital, we ensure that all of the websites we create are compatible to work on mobile, tablets and desktops – meaning your website is accessible to anyone, anywhere.

2. Library for Patient Information

It’s a good idea to have a special page on your website which educates your patients about the different blood disorders. This could be in the form of a glossary or patient leaflets that can be downloaded, allowing people to access information created by you, which in turn, also increases brand awareness.

If the information you create is kept up to date with the latest advancements and research, chances are that clients will repeatedly visit your site.

3. Videos or Visual Material

Adding visual elements and videos to your website gives your patients insight into the treatments available at your practice, allowing you to build trust with your patients and boost their confidence in your services.

Instead of simply reading about your services, your patients will be able to put a human face (or at least voice) to the practice, so make sure you’re smiling and friendly in your video content.

4. Style, Colours and Branding

Depending on where your practice or office is located, you may want to use style, colour and branding to your advantage. For example, if you’re based in Harley Street, a more sophisticated look will be essential. Using colours such as navy, taupe and emerald green on your website are great options as they’re considered sophisticated colours that immediately invoke the idea of a clean, clinical organisation.

HLTH Digital

As a digital marketing agency that specialises in the healthcare sector, HLTH Digital is more than qualified to help with all your website and digital solutions if you require it for your haematologist organisation.

Not only do we help your brand come to life through tailored digital strategy and data-driven marketing, but we also ensure that our service packages are based on your requirements.

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert and professional team of content creators, SEO specialists, graphic designers and website developers today.

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